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Alfalfa/Timothy Cubes
Advantages of feed Alfalfa Cubes!!
*Consistent Nutrient Quality
*Economical to Feed *No waste (horses don't stand on it etc.)
*Easy to handle (less storage space)

* Dust and Mold Free (great for horses with heaves etc.)
*Available All year round
*Controlled feed Intake
*Contains up to 50% more digestive energy than event he best quality hay. 

HORSE FEEDING Instructions

*Feed cubes at 2% of the horses total body weight/day. (1000lb horse = 20 pounds/day)

 Amount will vary for individual breeds, body condition and activity level. 

*Soaking is recommended for horses with teeth problems or gorgers. 

*Cubes can be fed to livestock as a sole source of forage or as a high quality supplement.

*Timothy Alfalfa Hay Cubes are easily chewable & digestible – their long-fiber composition means they break down easily with no soaking.



Crude Protein - 13% min.

Crude Fiber- 32% max

Moisture - 12% max

50 pound bags - $17 each

** Prices are subject to change without notice **

Please contact 250-212-0869 to arrange pick up or Delivery

Note Delivery is an added charge.

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