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Kids Lessons

Provided by Equine Canada Western Certified Coach - Camilla Woods (also 30 year Registered Nurse) 250-212-0869

Riding lessons $50/hr 

Group Lessons - Semi-private - $50/hr

More than 2 - must have own horse. (one lesson horse can be considered) 

Carl's Lessons


Carl has been teaching lessons for 30+years in various disciplines to beginner riders to advanced riders.


Whether it be learning about the basics of horsemanship and equitation to cow work, roping and/or showing, Carl has the expertise to assist you in communicating better with your horse and improving your seat.


Riding lessons are $50.00/hr (+$20.00/hr if using a lesson horse)

Group Lessons - prices to be negotiated

If you want to learn how to ROPE - we have dummies, horses and ropes. $50/hr


Breakaway Roping Lessons - privately or in groups!

Drop in use of arena - $15

Flag work - $50/hr

Public roping - $30

Sorting - $50

***Waivers must be signed before any use of

any facilities.***

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